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What is Queerly Collective?

Queerly Collective is a collective of LGBTQIAP+ artists, makers, and appreciators. We are a community for queer artists to meet/talk, show support, and have a safe space to be fully visible within an artist community. We are also a modern online gallery, where we want to push boundaries and not censor queer artists and their work. 


How do I join the Queerly Collective community?

In order to be apart of the community, we ask that you like, share, and comment on our Instagram posts. We want people in our community to interact with each other and form relationships that they would otherwise not. Submit to our open calls for art for the chance to be in one of our many exhibitions! Tag us in your work! We're always looking for new people to feature, so the more you interact with us the more we'll see your work and interact with you!


Where has Queerly Collective appeared?

So far, we have had the pleasure of being interviewed by Power Clash! You can check out the interview here


How do I become a featured artist?

There are two ways to become a Queerly featured artist!

The first way is to submit an application and the selection committee will review your work. The second way is that we contact you directly. 


What does being featured include?

We post on Instagram 6 days every week, Monday through Saturday. Each post requires a description, which can include information such as pronouns, orientations, schooling, inspirations, or anything else you're willing to share with the community! We want to build the Queerly community, so talking personally is encouraged! We have our featured artists page on this website, Facebook page, and Patreon -- however, those are optional. We provide exclusive content for Patreon, such as influential polls/questions, extended versions of our podcast, and access to patron-only extras! 


Why do you require funding?

We understand that it may be odd for a non-profit artist community to have submission fees, a shop, and a donation button, but we think of ourselves as a modern-day, digital gallery that does not require the artists we feature to pay in any way other than their time to curate their own work. We have these forms of fundraising so that we have a way to pay for the services that we use, like our website and podcast hosts, so that Queerly Collective can continue to run. Any money that is not put towards paying for these services is paid to jurors (when they're not our volunteer staff), prizes for being juror's pick in an exhibition, or donated back to the community. The staff does not use this money to pay our personal bills. 

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