Queers Just Wanna Have Fun

An online Exhibition 

Juried by The Queerly Collective Team


In light of what is occurring in our world, we at Queerly Collective were in search of the joy that had seemingly ceased to exist in the social media world as well. With the pervasiveness of show cancellations in the art community, we felt a call to action. We aspired to create another avenue for your hard work to be shown. Our desire to alleviate some of the pain that is accompanied by uncertainty led us to the creation of this exhibition. While it is easy to become lost in an endless scroll of work inspired by the anxiety we are collectively feeling, we hoped this exhibition brings levity to our viewers and illustrates how we as a community are, by nature, resilient beings. 


That being said, we would like to thank you for the extraordinary number of submissions we received. With this being our first exhibition we are thrilled by the prospects for our future at Queerly Collective, as well as the ways in which we are able to serve the LGBTQIAP+ artists and makers community. We would not exist without our predecessors and without each and every one of you. Thank you for joining us in this journey, and giving us the ability to showcase these international artists. We will continue to mirror the world we desire to exist in and fight for our collective voices and visions to be seen and heard. We are humbled to be in service to our community. 

* = Juror's Pick


You Should Be Painting

Brooke Ebeling/ Posca Pen on canvas/ 8x10”/ 2020

My current body of work celebrates the vibrancy of everyday life, as well as the technicolor world in which our memories reside. In my still life pieces, I primarily paint fun and familiar subjects - such as board games, toys, and decorations - with special attention given to the energy within their hues. During these difficult times, I find myself turning to games as a way to unwind, but also for the sense of comfort that comes from memories of playing with family and friends when it was still safe to do so. I cherish the time spent with loved ones over a game table or console controller, and I hope that these pieces remind the viewer of some fun memories of their own.



Website - http://brookeebeling.weebly.com/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/brookeebelingart/

Meanwhile, the World Goes On 

Houndstooth Art Collective/ Digital/ 21in x 26in/ April 2020

We are a Vancouver based art collective with a special interest in the radical liberations associated with social and environmental justice. Finding joy and liberation in the shadows of marginalization, a space that Queer folks have historically and continually occupied, we created this piece by finding new ways of connecting and fostering Queer joy. This is amidst a new set of structures and structures relating to how we communicate with one another. Specifically, this piece uses the process of one person making an edition and then passing the work forward digitally until it makes its way through the entire group. We adapt collectively and seek out these spaces of joy.

While this is not an ideal process, it is a necessary adaptation to the times, and parallels the way that Queer people have always had to make space for ourselves to have joy. In navigating a communal art making process in this period of social distancing, we attempt to showcase how this is still possible, it just takes new forms. This piece has no singular meaning to all five of us, but is itself an example of how Queer collectives mediate collectivity under the watchful eye of institutional hegemonies and the different ways that we find joy within them. A large part of finding joy in Queerness comes out of being liberated from societally imposed shame, hence the inclusion of three lines from Lesbian poet Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese which deals with said themes. One of these lines was adapted from “you do not have to be good” to “be good.” The other line we quote is the title, “Meanwhile, the World Goes On,” a line we relate to now more than ever, as we ponder the comfort and terror it evokes.


Website - https://www.instagram.com/houndstoothart/ 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/houndstoothart/


a certain type of life


I'm a 24 year old QPOC living in Toronto. I write about queer representation, living away from home, and anything that intrigues or enrages me. 


Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/shutupitdoesntmatter/




Green Eggs and Ham Buckle

Funlola Coker/ Brass, Fine Silver, Copper, Bronze, Turquoise/ 1.5” x 2”/ 2020

These pieces were created simply because they bring me joy. The process of making miniatures is challenging and exciting, and the end result is always satisfying. Creating them in metal is all the more fulfilling because of the materials' permanence. The joyful feeling is forever preserved and can be viewed for years to come.

Website - http://funlolacoker.com/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/funlolacoker/


Anna Ádám/ Drawing, painting, collage with found family photographs, sewing on paper/ 2020

Pussy Love Book III.

Anna Ádám/ Hand-made, self-published sewed erotic artist book with original drawings and ruled pages/ 2020

Anna Ádám (b. 1983) is a Franco-Hungarian performance maker and visual artist whose work blurs the boundaries between choreography, image, and object, with emphasis on the body as the central form of expression.

She studied dance, performance, choreography, visual arts, and fashion before obtaining her Master of Arts from the ENSAPC Art School in Cergy, France, in 2016.

Her interdisciplinary and often site-specific projects echo the broader socio-political context from a feminist and queer theoretical perspective, focus on socio-cultural changes and sub-cultures, challenge hegemonic class, gender, normative behaviors, and dominant ideologies. By combining choreography, photography, drawing, installation, and clothing, Anna Ádám’s work is also an exploration of the performative potential of the image and of the object in general, with a focus on cultural, ideological, social, and heteronormative structures.


Website - https://www.annaadam.net/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/_.anna.adam._/



Sarah Bryant-Cole/ cotton, silk, elastic, rayon, polyester filling/ 2019

My work aims to reframe viewpoints that cause us pain and turmoil. As a member of the queer community, I am familiar with how many burdens we carry with us physically, and emotionally. My art is my way of alleviating some of those pains for myself, and creating a space in which I can thrive. Hopefully, others will also be able to relate to the work I create.

We Find Ourselves to be Beautiful is about creating my own oasis as a queer person in a world that sees our community as disgusting. This oversized floor pillow was made as a celebration of queer beauty and an invitation for other members of the community to join and sit together.

Recompose finds beauty in death by bringing an air of playfulness and emphasizing the nourishment of the earth and other organisms after passing. It is a recontextualization of grief, and provides a positive interaction with the idea of death.


Website - https://www.sarahbryantcole.com/ 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/_balancer_/


Chad Eggar/ Oil on Canvas/ 32” x 36”/ 2019


Chad Eggar/ Oil on Canvas/ 30” x 36”/ 2019

I am paying close attention to my feelings, emotional responses, and intuition to visually represent the world around me. My depiction of an intuitive reality from memory enablesme to explicitly explore how an experience felt rather than how it looked. In this way, the images I create are entirely honest. My images begin in memories. Through a negotiation of drawing and painting, these memories are explored and expanded. In a third-person view, I engage in a recursive conversation with my past selves. Like memories, these conversations warp and change. However, they eventually settle into a mode that is either exploratory of how I remember the surrounding environment or indicative of my inner dialogue. Looking back and noticing the small intricacies of the world can be so intensely beautiful and joyous. But even at the peak of this beauty, I cannot help but contextualize it within the incomprehensible horror of the universe. My images are vehicles for casual or mundane experiences, simultaneously existential and humorous; nihilistic, yet optimistic. For the protagonist in my artwork, this contradiction is a stage on which they are constantly twisting inward. I contemplate this relationship to create an image burdened by loneliness, yet liberated by a whimsical sincerity.


Website - https://www.chadmeggar.com/ 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/chad.eggar/


Vaseline Sheep

Aaron Caldwell/  Ceramics, steel nails, petroleum jelly (rubbed into surface)/ 8 in x 6 in x 11.5 in (HxWxD)/ 2020

Being black and gay in the U.S continuously has placed me in positions of activism and resistance to power structures. This relationship I continue to have with resistance, pain and struggle is what blackness and queerness are commonly boiled down to. My work serves as an opportunity to look at black and queer identity with a lense of interiority; allowing us to be multifaceted humans that engage in both the loudness and the quietness of our cultures and ourselves.

These works highlight black folks’ history with moisturizing products for the hair and body. Being considered physically ashy (white and dry skin) or socially ashy (wack, lame, ignorant) are lingo amongst black folk. As a result, products like lotion or coconut oil have become a staple in the Black community, and these works concretely elevate and immortalize this relationship unique to black culture.

Occasionally, I will also employ animal narratives to tell my stories similar to the process of folklore. The buffalo references the black male soldiers that were referred to as buffalo soldiers. The gazelle references the animal’s historical place as the symbol of femininity/womanhood. The sheep represents those who are not confined to the binary gender system and/or are queer referencing the idea of being the black sheep of the family and reclaiming this ideology by proudly not being part of the “norm”.

The goal of my work is to explore the distinctions I experience through blackness, queerness and black queerness.


Website - https://ceramicsnstuff.com/home.html 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ceramicsnstuff/


Untitled, from “Disidentifications” series

Jesse Egner/ Inkjet print/ 40” x 50”/ 2019

This series explores queer disidentification—How LGBTQ individuals in different communities and social environments construct, engage in, and practice their own disidentities not bound by any existing structure. As a fat and disabled gay man, I have experienced countless rejection from members of my fellow gay community members. This project began as an exploration into my frustrations of feeling outcast from a community that is supposed to be welcoming and accepting, and developed into an exploration into the vast amount of queer identities and individuals who do not assimilate into any normativity. These queer disidentities exist in a state of dynamism, always with the potential of change but can also exist in a state of stability. To “queer” your identity is not to create a counter identity—Rather, it is to disidentify entirely and remove yourself from any existing framework. The uncanny and playful performative acts in these photographs represent the precarious nature of queer identity and the vast potential it has to form, transform, and reform. This series explores disidentification, self-representation, and the fluidity of becoming, as well as call attention to the struggles from which disidentification is manifested—The gaze, the oppression, the self-doubt, and the self-destruction.


Website - https://www.jesseegner.com/ 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jesseegner/

Cobain _3.jpg


Jared Cooper Cobain/ Oil on canvas/ 30x40/ 2019

Queer figurative & portrait painter living in Leipzig, looking for ugliness in beautiful things.


Website - Www.jaredcoopercobain.com 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jaredcoopercobain/


Well Hung Up

Emily Budd/ cast aluminum/ 8" x 2.5" x 5"/ 2019

In my practice I use casting and mold-making materials and techniques to document the gradual transformation of the everyday, creating fictional artifacts designed to seek out and explore the undiscovered queer future. I’ve been melting down scrap aluminum and slapstick lesbian jokes in the foundry to reimagine new worlds of gendered possibilities. Using humor as a means to empower, these objects celebrate the latent destinies of genderhood on the brink of nonnormative inevitability.


Website - https://emilybudd.com/home.html 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ladybudd/